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We are an interactive studio, operating in the web and graphic sectors.
We like challenges and new solutions.
We think about a project in a holistic manner taking care of optimal functioning of its every part so that you can extend it and implement changes in the future.
We offer dedicated and tailored solutions.
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How do we work on Internet projects?

1. Ideas and analysis

We help to specify early technological and business ideas.

We perform analyses which help to prepare the best strategy for project development.

We select suitable technologies and tools.

2. Concept and prototypes

We specify the website structure.

We prepare interactive wireframes and mock-ups which test the functionality of the website

3. Creation

We design a website and its graphic elements on the basis of established wireframes.

4. Development and tests

We choose the best technological solutions for the project.

We perform a range of tests to provide an optimized and well-developed product.

5. Publication

We implement projects by placing them on the specified server.

How do we work on graphic projects?

1. Interview and analysis of needs

We help specify the goals to be achieved by the project.

We look for the best creation and style adapted to the customer's needs and preferences.

2. Preparation of design proposals

We present the most appropriate solutions and concepts in-keeping with the project’s goals.

3. Development of the selected concept

We work on details of the selected creation.

4. Preparation of the project for publication

We send the project prepared according to guidelines for print or publish it on the Internet.